Dreaming of a Trend …

01 | 29 | 2009

If I could have one wish, it would be for capelets to catch on with brides … with my brides. (Secretly, I’d want to wear a non-white one, like this one from Holly Stalder, to weddings, but I think the poufy part would get all mashed by my four camera straps. Hmm …).


photo credit: Pete Springer


4 Notes on “Dreaming of a Trend …

  1. jessie

    OOHHHHHH!!!! I want one! i totally scored a bunch of attachable fur collars from my Nana, totally rad. I think a little handmade upholstery is in order and some capelets will be all the rage!

  2. Holly

    It is kind of ironic, I just bought this capelet from Holly for my own wedding. She was a delight to work with. You have at least one person on board with the trend!

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