D.I.Y. Ceremony Programs

02 | 09 | 2009


Our very creative couple, Julia and Bob, who shared their florals with us last Friday tells us how to make “silhouette” ceremony programs like theirs.  They also used the silhouettes on their place cards.

  1. Take pictures of each other against a white wall. (The high contrast helps!)
  2. Create a silhouette in Photoshop.  Photoshop Elements or other consumer grade photo editing software would probably work. Julia and Bob’s friend Mandylee, who is a graphic designer in LA did this part for them.
  3. Lay out the ceremony program. Julia and Bob used Microsoft Word with a “booklet” template and a fancy script font.  (I use Adobe InDesign for projects like this, myself).
  4. Get paper and have the programs printed.  Julia and Bob purchased their paper from a paper supply store.  Julia says not printing the programs themselves was one of the best decisions they made.  The printer had them printed and folded in an hour.
  5. Tie a ribbon around the middle.  Julia and Bob tied them in a simple knot.
  6. Display.  Julia and Bob used a wooden wine crate.  (You can see it just behind their sign-in book, below).


photo credit: Gia Canali


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  1. Mariel Beltran

    hi, i would like to know where i can order the guess sing in book from? thank you

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