How to Hold Your Bouquet (and Flatter Your Arms in the Photos)

02 | 20 | 2009


We love the bouquet because it’s a beautiful (and classic!) bridal accessory.  Some bouquets add a little splash of color and texture to the wedding and wedding photos; others add a lacy softness, particularly if the bouquet is white.  The bouquet also gives you something to do with your hands (lucky you—grooms never know what to do with their hands).

There actually are more flattering ways to hold your bouquet in the photographs. For most standard shaped bouquets, holding them right in front, at about waist level with your arms held out a bit from your hips a bit is most flattering.

A lot of times, brides are tempted to hold the bouquet really high. I don’t like that as much in photographs because it can block essential parts of your anatomy—breasts, neck, even face, depending on how high you’re “choking up” on the bouquet.  It also often blocks exciting parts of your fashion—neckline and detail at the top of the dress, sometimes your necklace, too.

Holding your arms out a bit from your hips is really important, too.  Even if your arms are rail-thin, when you clasp them against your sides, it makes them look fatter.  If you have doubts, try it out in the mirror.  The difference is notable.  I sometimes grab a bouquet and demonstrate this myself to the bridesmaids at weddings and they are always surprised at the difference it makes.

One other note:  Sometimes the bouquets are very heavy.  One of my friends said about her bouquet, “I didn’t know you had to be buff to be a bride!”  Maybe keep that in mind when you order your bouquet.  In any case, I highly recommend you bring your bouquet during (all the) group portraits and (most of) the couple portraits.  You don’t need the bouquet in every single portrait, but they are lovely …

photo credit: Gia Canali


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