The Well-Dressed Guest: Dresses from Thread Social

03 | 02 | 2009

Clearly, I have fashion on my mind today!  Also, it’s raining which makes me happy (I live in southern California), but slow to do anything.  And because of a family emergency, I haven’t posted in over a week. I think I’m easing myself back into work slowly here.  So, I was thinking about guests. I always have a secret award—at every single wedding—for the best-dressed guest.  Sometimes, it’s a girl; sometimes a guy.  Depending on the wedding, any of these dresses from Thread Social would have my nomination!  Thread Social is an off-shoot of Thread, which always offers fashion-forward bridesmaid dress designs.  I actually think that some of the below dresses might even work as bridesmaid dresses at a more modern, colorful spring affair.

j159325 j157312-front j158336

j159342 j158341 j159337


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