We’re Being Featured on Southern Weddings Magazine Blog Today!

03 | 25 | 2009

We are thrilled that Tammy and Mickey’s details were chosen for a feature on the very stylish Southern Weddings Magazine blog today!  We loved photographing Mickey and Tammy’s wedding—their taste was impeccable and the wedding was so sensuous … love the Moroccan lanterns, belly dancer, etc.

Here are just a couple of images, but be sure to check out the post for lots more images and an interview with Tammy.

giacanali-221 giacanali-19

giacanali-21 giacanali-27


5 Notes on “We’re Being Featured on Southern Weddings Magazine Blog Today!

  1. jessie

    Wow! What beautiful pictures they included in that gorgeous post! That looked like and AMAZING and fabulous wedding! Double Wow!

  2. RachelB

    Hi, I am writing from Townsville, Australia. Thanks so much for the great content. It helped me a lot with my TAFE domestic science assignment 🙂

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