The Wedding Guest

04 | 21 | 2009

This past weekend, for the first time in almost six years, my husband Matt and I got to be guests at a wedding—my cousin Bre’s wedding!  (This guest-hood was made possible only because my twin sister, Meghan Valentine, photographed the wedding).  I cried through some of the ceremony … and all of Bre dancing with her father, my Uncle John.  When I wasn’t sobbing through the emotional moments, I was hamming it up with Matt in the self portrait station.  Congratulations, Bre & Jeff!  We love you guys!

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P.S. I was so excited to wear my vintage Tracy Reese dress!


5 Notes on “The Wedding Guest

  1. Meghan Valentine

    I was so happy that you could enjoy a wedding as guests! I really had an unforgettable and fun weekend, it was the best!

  2. Gia Post author

    Ha ha! So true. I want to see the photos all four of us and all the girl cousins! Now I understand the absolute agony of waiting for somebody’s wedding photos. LOL!

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