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  1. Lexi

    what will happen when it’s gone? will there be another company who comes out with a similar product? have you stocked up?

  2. Gia Post author

    I have stocked up. We have an entire fridge devoted to Polaroids. And as of right now, no. Another company hasn’t come out with anything similar. Fuji makes some very nice 4×5 instant print films that are similar to Polaroids, but nothing that also includes a black and white negative, much less one of this quality and beauty. I’m a bit surprised Fuji hasn’t come forward and bought the Polaroid Type 55 patent. I’m not sure how profitable the film was, so it could be a business decision, but photographic secrets are also jealously guarded. So I really don’t know. The Impossible Project is looking to reinvent Polaroid 600 film, the beloved and (previously) widely available consumer-grade snapshot Polaroid. I can’t do our artsy manipulations, but I am hopeful that someday we’ll be toting our Polaroid cameras to the beach and Disney and other family outings again. (As an aside, Fuji has come out with a number of their own instant film cameras, and the prices, disappointingly range from $75-$200. The film they use is credit card sized, which might be charming. We will see.)

  3. Brian Wright

    Love your work. We too have a heavily stocked freezer of Polaroid’s PN. As of late though we have discovered a daylight process in which we can retrieve a full-on transparent NEGATIVE from Fuji’s Pack film! Color (from FP-100c) or B&W (from FP100b), and even a gritty high speed reflective negative from FP-3000b! We Are experimenting more each day with this process, but so far it’s proven pretty easy and fun.

    Our first article on the process can be found on our blog:

    Let us know what you think, and I’d love to get more photogs experimenting with this. Will you give it a try?

    Your polaroid work is excellent! What cameras do you use? Do you use a Polaroid Day Lab?

    Also, I admire that you implement alternative processes for weddings. Is all of this offered as a post process?

    Keep up the great work! I look forward to seeing more.

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