Happy Independence Day!

07 | 03 | 2009

ribbon polaroid

When I was five, I tied streamers on my bathing suit and my dog (!) and joined a 4th of July parade through the neighborhood.  (My twin sister, Meghan, tied streamers on her big wheels!) Ever since then, I have had a fondness for streamers, which look so festive and fun.  I like them at weddings, too.   Here’s another Polaroid from my friend Jenny’s wedding.  Her streamers were her something-borrowed.

photo: Gia Canali


2 Notes on “Happy Independence Day!

  1. Meghan

    I loved that 4th! After that I got a real bike, because if I could keep up with a parade on my big wheel then I could ride a bike. The best!

  2. Gia Post author

    You’re right: it was pretty great! I think we ate ice cream cones while we paraded … and I’m pretty sure I shared mine with Scooter!

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