The Unposing Guide, Part I: Be Carefree in Your Dress

07 | 02 | 2009

carefree-bride-and-groom carefree-bride-and-groom

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I thought that here, in the thick of wedding season, is as good a time as any to begin a conversation on how to look naturally beautiful—or natural and beautiful—in front of the camera.  I’d call it a posing guide, but I mean for it to be an unposing guide, as I hope to help you improve your camera presence, even when you’re camera unaware.  And the best place to start is with how you move. This might seem strange because I make still photographs, and not moving ones … but how you look when you move will also be how you look on camera when you move.  In fact, let’s back up.  Your willingness to move around freely will greatly affect the mood and types of portraits and documentation your photographer will be able to get throughout the wedding.  Otherwise all you’ll end up with are static shots.  Most people, these days, anyway, want variety, and at least some pictures that reflect that sort of carefree exhilaration they share with their beloved.  In order to get that, it helps if you can walk together, dance together, move together.  You don’t even have to be adventurous (translation: no running, jumping, or rock climbing involved).  Snuggling is totally acceptable.

The biggest enemy of carefree movement? Anxiety over the dress.

I realize I’m probably preaching to the choir, but let’s get some perspective.  In the fashion industry there’s a thing (I think) called cost-per-wear.  You spend so much on a garment of clothing, you wear it so many times, you divide it out per wear.  Jeans are probably virtually free at the end of their life.  A wedding gown is off the charts.  It costs a lot.  Wear it once.  So, in order to get your money’s worth from the dress (and the day!), let’s say you need to a) enjoy yourself thoroughly, and b) end up with some lovely photographs to prove how beautiful and fun it all was.  So wear the dress.  Don’t be afraid to wear the dress.  Walk in it, dance in it, move in it.  Even if you get a bit of dirt on the train, or someone steps on it, or both of the aforementioned happen before the ceremony, it’s not going to show in the photographs.  Really.  No one (else) will even notice.

photos: {Gia Canali}


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