We Heart Nighttime Portraits

07 | 28 | 2009

I love nighttime portraits.  Love them.  I love the carefree spirit nighttime portraits inspire, particularly on these long summer nights.  Also, the images are usually sensual, moody, and show the teeniest bit of motion—three things I like in photographs taken at anytime.  I decided to assemble some of my many favorites, a few of which are already on our main {website} and elsewhere on the blog, in the hopes that they’ll encourage you and your beloved to sneak away from your own reception—if only for a moment—in the hopes of something electric.  What better way to end your wedding album?!

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nighttime-portrait15 nighttime-portrait09


nighttime-portrait11s nighttime-portrait12

More blue hour, than golden hour …


nighttime-portrait06 nighttime-portrait08


Sepia-tone or color work equally well.

nighttime-portrait16 nighttime-portrait17

Kiss, kiss, kiss …

nighttime-portrait28 nighttime-portrait29

The weather was actually freezing cold at this wedding, day and night.  We did almost all the daytime formal portraits and their nighttime portraits under the ambient warmth of this twinkle-lit tree.  Though the setting was the same, the images vary considerably because of the light.

nighttime-portrait02 nighttime-portrait03 nighttime-portrait04 nighttime-portrait05

It was as hard for Julia and Bob to want to leave the dance floor, as it was for anyone else, but I’m so happy they made time to.  In fact, that’s always how I feel: that nighttime portraits might seem like kind of a hassle, but they are always incredibly worth it.  There’s a certain release once you’ve come to the end of the scheduled events.  You’re married.  You’ve cut cake. You’ve danced your first dance.  You’ve danced maybe twenty dances.  And for the first time, it’s just you and your love.  This happy realization reads quite well on camera.  So be spontaneous!  Be adventurous!  And leave yourself open to the idea of a tiny escape.

photos: Gia Canali


5 Notes on “We Heart Nighttime Portraits

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  2. Julia

    I love all the night portraits – and loved doing them! You’re so right, it is a release to have such a quiet, relaxed moment together after the fast pace of the day. We especially love these shots. Thank you Gia!!

  3. Courtney Spiva

    When I just recently ran across your blog and started reading along, I figured I might add my very first comment. I don’t know just what to say other than I loved reading. Nice blog. I most certainly will keep on reading this blog more frequently.

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