Charmingly Inauthentic :: iPhone Polaroid

08 | 07 | 2009


I’m off cooking up some new vintage photo stuff for the next couple days, so I thought I’d share an iPhone photo, and wish you all a happy weekend!  This little iPhone technology trick doesn’t make me feel any better at all about Polaroid’s demise, but it does make me love my iPhone just a little bit more …  (And makes me secretly hope for some good-fake-digital-Polaroidical future).


4 Notes on “Charmingly Inauthentic :: iPhone Polaroid

  1. Jessie

    it is a good place holder and I’ve transformed almost all of my iPhone pix into polaroids. Have you tried “Best Camera”? Wowie!

  2. Gia Post author

    I have the Shake It! App and it’s really fun, but there are lots of apps that do essentially the same thing. What’s really worth noting is that The Impossible Project seems to be closing in on their goal of revitalizing instant photography. I’m practically giddy.

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