Tammy & Mickey’s Super Hot Wedding

08 | 01 | 2009

tammy and mickey

These are the dog days (and nights!) of summer and I find myself wanting to paint everything in the hottest colors I can imagine.  I want even my blues to be hot.  Tammy and Mickey’s wedding has been on my mind lots these past days and mostly because of their hot, hot colors.  The pairing of pinks, purples, oranges, yellows, and electric blues with their venues and the very sensuous mood of their wedding worked especially well for them.  And although we use lots of these images elsewhere in our blog and site, I thought it would be good to get an idea of how everything worked together to create what was really a breathtaking event.  As in any good color design, the color should work with the color scheme and season and general mood of your location, rather than against it.   Throughout the images, you might notice bits of blue and turquoise.  I think … little accents of cool color bring out the heat in all the other colors.  I also got the distinct impression that their wedding became warmer and hotter as day became night.

Genius florals by Michael Mantalos, {Louloudi Design}.

{click any image to enlarge}

101canali 102canali


Tammy’s accessories included a barrette she made by hand at work (she’s a fashion designer!) …

the lovely bride boutonniere the bride by turquoise door

the purse 180canali the barette

103canali amy michelson dress perfume bottle

Mickey getting ready, and showing off his Canali suit.  Love it!

mickey getting ready the groom

the groom in his canali suit

A few photographs from their sweet ceremony.  When you wed at a church as ornate as this one, no adornment is necessary.

greek ceremony greek ceremony overview orthodox ceremony 116canali

And here’s where it goes from warm to hot—the warmth of candles, the heat of red dahlias and yellow orchids, and the opulence of a gilded cake combine perfectly.  Cake by Margaret Braun.

mantalos flowers 123canali orchid centerpiece

dahlia centerpiece dahlia centerpiece reception detail moroccan lantern the cake

173canali 154canali sexy bed!

133canali 136canali 127canali

A belly dancer entertained the guests during dinner.

belly dancer belly dancer belly dancer

I am a fan of any excuse to get everybody very happily dancing.  It is one of the best opportunities to photograph bride and groom with their wedding guests.  After the first dances, Greek dancing began.

first dance father daughter dance

greek dancing greek dancing greek dancing

The evening ended with some of our favorite nighttime portraits.  (Yep, I posted some of these earlier this week.  That’s what put Tammy and Mickey’s wedding fresh in my mind).

155canali 157canali

159canali 160canali 161canali 165canali 162canali

nighttime-portrait12 166canali


Revisiting their wedding these many months later, I am wondering how so few of these images made it through to our portfolio.  Of course, I’m always a little discouraged by how little of our work we can really show—but that’s a major reason we started this blog.  I think Tammy and Mickey’s wedding is a fantastic example of a wedding that was opulent without being extravagant.  There were little handmade touches.  We love that.  Hope it inspires.

photos: Gia Canali


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