Things I Like: A Flower Girl With Attitude

08 | 15 | 2009


I realize that this isn’t artsy or pretty as far as portraits go (and for these reasons, probably, it’s never made a portfolio cut).  But I just remembered this five year-old flower girl, all that (glaring!) attitude, hot pink nail polish, a child’s purse, and a halo of stunning orchids.  She makes me happy, with all her glamour and grit, so I thought I’d share.

photo: Gia Canali


One Note on “Things I Like: A Flower Girl With Attitude

  1. Amy-jo Tatum/Bride Chic

    Digital has gone over the edge with artsy lately. Its nice but I love looking at natural portraits in available light. You did a highly creative piece here and this picture needs no explainations . . .

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