Notes Toward A Slow Wedding

10 | 23 | 2009

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There’s so much pressure these days to fit it all in—even in the face of the so called non-traditional wedding—folks are going for every possible potentially meaningful moment and kitschy tradition (and diy detail!) they can think of.  It is like having an all-you-can-eat-buffet mentality to planning your wedding.  I say: let’s take it easy.  Do a few things well.  Make your wedding one where you can enjoy good food and the company of good friends and family. After all, that’s why you’re having a wedding with people attending.

Congratulations, Tom & Kimberly!


10 Notes on “Notes Toward A Slow Wedding

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  2. Lisa Marie

    I couldn’t agree more! With all of these amazing (& relatively new to the wedding world) sources of inspiration, brides have more ideas than ever and it can create an obsession for perfection and unique details unlike anything we have seen in the past. What’s wrong with white wedding cake and a bunch of people you love squeezing into the local dance hall? Something about a couple with a few cans tied to the back of their old car, driving off into the sunset still strikes a very deep chord within me.

  3. Gia Post author

    I think all that actually strikes a deep chord with lots of people. But we tend to get in our own way when we plan our weddings. I think it’s great that simple weddings are (maybe!) making a comeback.

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  6. Shauna Nep

    This is so true! I am planning a wedding- and though all the sources of inspiration are incredible, they are also confusing- vintage chic, shabby chic, rustic chic, DIY inspired- what kind of bride AM I?

    Sorry, slight existential crisis.

    But seriously, its very overwhelming and this makes it easy to forget what’s important- friends, family, and the looooveeee! Thanks for reminding us!

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