Dress Shop Visit: Atelier Des Modistes

01 | 07 | 2010


Yesterday, I visited Atelier Des Modistes in San Francisco.   I wanted to meet Suzanne Hanley, the designer behind two of my favorite brides’s dresses and to see the beautiful shop where she and her crew design and make the gowns.  We had fun talking shop and while I sat there, chatting, I wondered yet again why, even though I had my dress made for me, I never went dress shopping when I was engaged.  Sigh.  Anyway.  Suzanne’s shop is certainly the best of both worlds (lots to try on and lots to dream up out of your own imagination).  I dearly hope there’s a big return to handmade in 2010.  What better than a one-of-a-kind dress designed and sewn just for you?

A girl can’t carry all her gear all the time, so I’m sharing photos from my iPhone.*  Below: store front sign, capelet (yes, please!), cards, behind the scenes with the best inspiration wall ever, super sewing machine, lace and ruffles galore, wedding gowns and polaroids (two of my favorite things, you know), and more images of the lovely dress-in-the-window (may some lucky bride swoon over it!).

sign capelet cutest business card holder. ever. inspiration wall inspiration wall THE sewing machine wedding gown lace lovely lavender dress wedding gowns and polaroids the dress in the window dress in the window

photos: Gia Canali, via her iPhone.

*Yes, indeed, we photographers have just as much fun as everybody else with our cell phone cameras.

7 Notes on “Dress Shop Visit: Atelier Des Modistes

  1. Jessie

    loves! How do you make iPhone pics look so good???

    I have decided to make a pink ostrich feather capelet…would be great for a wedding, I’ll let you know if I can convince Matt to have another one!

  2. Gia Post author

    Good luck convincing Matt to have another wedding! LOL! Let me know! The pink ostrich feather capelet sounds heavenly!!!

    And … you need two apps to have great iPhone photos — Shake It & Hipstamatic. I love both, but must warn you that they are addictive, especially the latter. I now shoot photos with my phone all the livelong day.

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