Dreaming of a Trend: Ice Pops

03 | 17 | 2010


Today is the first really warm day we’ve had in a while.  And I’m celebrating (well, in just a minute here) with a Popshop ice pop break in my back yard.  Last summer’s weddings were hot! Hot, hot.  I kept thinking they could be much improved with a popsicle here or there, to keep us all from melting.  So I’m just putting it out there to the wedding-ready universe, that I want ice pops.  From the Popshop.  Any flavor will do, but avocado vanilla is really my favorite.  Or maybe Mexican chocolate. Or coconut vanilla (which is wedding white for all you melt-a-phobes).  You pick.

I think: sharing childlike pleasures with a bevy of wedding guests could be pretty grand.  No affair is too formal for that kind of happiness, right?

photo: Gia Canali


8 Notes on “Dreaming of a Trend: Ice Pops

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  2. Becca

    I completely agree! About Popshop as an amazing everyday AND wedding treat. I may have written a post saying something of the same a while back too. 🙂

  3. Elizabeth Hermann Smith

    Those are so cute . . . having a gelato cart at an outdoor summer reception is a similarly awesome idea if you ask me. (Says the bride who did that . . .) 😉

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