Getting Great Wedding Photographs, Tip #19: Pace Your Ceremony *Gently*

01 | 20 | 2011

Your wedding day will already feel like it’s moving by at lightning speed.  I can tell you that for sure.  And while nobody wants the ceremony to go on-and-on-and-on, the wedding ceremony is—truly—the wedding.  You want to remember these moments.  And not only by photographs.

But, frankly, you do want to give your photographer enough time to capture great images of all the goings on—not just with you and your beloved, but also with your attendants, friends, and family (sometimes the reactions are priceless).  So, take a deep breath and look around while it’s all happening.  Don’t rush yourselves.  And while you’re soaking up your real life ceremony, your photographer can work on creating a beautiful and varied record of those fleet-footed moments.

(I’m hesitant to put a number of minutes as a minimum on your ceremony, but I’d say: planning a ceremony that is shorter than fifteen minutes should give you pause.  Everyone is going to talk faster and walk faster on the day of the wedding.  They’ll be excited.  As a bride, I was so excited—and also so unfamiliar with the music—that my dad and I processed in at the wrong time.  Not that I really cared.  I just wanted to get on with it!)

photo: Gia Canali


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