Happy New Year 2011!!

01 | 01 | 2011

Okay, it’s time for some changes (nay, resolutions) around here, like: it’s time to pay more attention to the blog (seriously!) and I’m going to start blogging about other kinds of photographs in this space, too.  I think it’ll be more fun for all of us that way.  Lots of you have moved on from your weddings, but you may want to commission other sorts of photographs (and I like taking and talking about getting great other sorts of photographs).  We’re still calling the blog {Pursuing the Picture Perfect Wedding}, but we’re going to broaden our scope.

In good faith, I’m starting with a Polaroid 55 I took over the summer as part of a family portrait session done all in Polaroid 55 film.  The best portrait sessions are the ones with the simplest concepts.  In any case, I like how quietly festive this image seems. That’s how I like to celebrate New Year’s Eve every year.

photo: Gia Canali


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