On the Ranch: C Lazy U

08 | 01 | 2011

c lazy u ranchGia Canali Photography

On the morning of the wedding, my husband, brother, and I got up in the pre-dawn dark to drive to the ranch for the “jingle” when the horse wranglers bring the horses in from pasture. I can’t believe I saw it only once in the days we were there making photographs.  All that raw power is so exciting and so very, very beautiful.  We also went up to the clifftop vista where Jess and TJ were married later that day for some photographs of  the site, called “woodsie.”  I have to confess: I can’t wait to go back to C Lazy U.  I’m really hoping for a family horseback riding vacation with my whole family, with lots of chances to ride and to see and photograph that jingle again!

photographs: Gia Canali


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