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09 | 30 | 2014

Gia Canali PhotographyThose of you who know me well know that I’m pretty quiet about how I make my photographs lest the details distract (or detract!) from an emotional connection to my images. But, there’s good cause for me to break my silence and interrupt the regularly scheduled wedding-photo tips today.  CineStill Film has launched a Kickstarter campaign to start manufacturing a medium format version of one of my favorite films, 800T!  800T is converted from motion picture film and it’s a high speed tungsten balanced film.

Gia Canali Photography

first dance at the parker palm springs by gia canali

I love 800T because it lets me make photos with a gorgeous color film in low light where normally my only choices would be digital (for color) or black and white (for film).  I’ve been loving getting the best of both worlds—I can’t get enough of it in 35mm!—and would be over the moon to get to shoot this film in medium format.  I’m already dreaming of the kind of images I’ll be able to make with Cinestill and my Rollei, Contax, Mamiya, and my little army of toy cameras, too!

girl leaping by gia canali

This film is super versatile, so much so that I get great results shooting it in low light and everywhere I’m not really supposed to—in full daylight, in mixed light, window light, just after the sun goes down, et cetera.  The colors are rich and unique with a fairly stunning dynamic range.  It sounds kind of obvious, but this emulsion really does have a cinematic feel.

Gia Canali PhotographyIf the project gets funded, not only will we get to make images with this one very special film stock, it’ll open up the door to other stocks and different formats, which is pretty heartening news altogether.  These Cinestill guys are choosing to BE the difference they wanted to see in the analog film industry!

back of the bride's beautiful gown by gia canaliintimate dinner reception table top by gia canaliindoor ballroom reception by gia canali

Quite a lot of you readers and clients are photographers yourselves, and many of you love film as much as I do.  And we are all hoping beyond all hope that we get to keep making photographs with real analog film for our whole lives, so, let’s support this together.  Every roll we shoot really counts in ensuring a future of film.  And I believe whole-heartedly that we should put our money where our priorities are. So if you have a medium format camera that’s hungry for film, please go to the Kickstarter page and consider backing the project and share it around with all your filmy friends!

Gia Canali Photography

group portrait on beach at sunset by gia canali

All photographs by Gia Canali on cinestill 800T



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