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Winter White Wedding Inspiration :: The Table In The Window at LaTavola Linens

01 | 15 | 2010

This tablescape by Michael Mantalos of {Louloudi Design} makes me hope somebody hires me to photograph a sparkling winter white wedding … and soon!  The sequined linen from {LaTavola Linen} is just right with the glimmering decor.

{Click any image to take a closer look!}

21-mantalos2009 25-mantalos2020

36-mantalos1024 37-mantalos1050 07-mantalos1008 18-mantalos2015 30-mantalos2026 34-mantalos1022 17-mantalos2003 02-mantalos2001

photos: Gia Canali


Dress Shop Visit: Atelier Des Modistes

01 | 07 | 2010


Yesterday, I visited Atelier Des Modistes in San Francisco.   I wanted to meet Suzanne Hanley, the designer behind two of my favorite brides’s dresses and to see the beautiful shop where she and her crew design and make the gowns.  We had fun talking shop and while I sat there, chatting, I wondered yet again why, even though I had my dress made for me, I never went dress shopping when I was engaged.  Sigh.  Anyway.  Suzanne’s shop is certainly the best of both worlds (lots to try on and lots to dream up out of your own imagination).  I dearly hope there’s a big return to handmade in 2010.  What better than a one-of-a-kind dress designed and sewn just for you?

A girl can’t carry all her gear all the time, so I’m sharing photos from my iPhone.*  Below: store front sign, capelet (yes, please!), cards, behind the scenes with the best inspiration wall ever, super sewing machine, lace and ruffles galore, wedding gowns and polaroids (two of my favorite things, you know), and more images of the lovely dress-in-the-window (may some lucky bride swoon over it!).

sign capelet cutest business card holder. ever. inspiration wall inspiration wall THE sewing machine wedding gown lace lovely lavender dress wedding gowns and polaroids the dress in the window dress in the window

photos: Gia Canali, via her iPhone.

*Yes, indeed, we photographers have just as much fun as everybody else with our cell phone cameras.

Weddings Are Not …

12 | 22 | 2009


Your wedding is not the ultimate statement of who you are as a couple. I mean: your wedding should certainly reflect you two more than it reflects just the idea of wedding. Of course.  But—and I know this is hard, and that my husband and I didn’t quite manage it ourselves when we wed—don’t let yourselves get out of hand.  Weddings are really just a public acknowledgment, an affirmation, marking the beginning of the adventure of your (official) partnership—kind of like a bon voyage. Our parents and grandparents had such different weddings.  They walked to the county courthouse, or married at a neighborhood church, with a party in Grandma’s back yard.   These weren’t grand affairs, at least not in my family, but I have such romantic ideas about them: my parents and grandparents have beautiful photographs by which I still imagine those weddings.

Weddings  are now so much bigger and more splendid and more extraordinary in design and scope than I possibly could have imagined when I was a little girl.  When we all were.  But.  How you live your married life, each and every day, or rather the sum of your days, eventually becomes a much more powerful testimony of who you are as a couple.  So, plan the wedding you imagine, great or small, near or far, lavish or serene.  I hope it is a wonderful and honest celebration (and that the photographs are fantastic, too!).  I’m just saying, I hope your marriage is even more marvelous.  Were it up to me, and were my husband and I so extraordinarily lucky, I’d rather let our fiftieth anniversary than our wedding be that ultimate statement of who we are together.*

photo: Gia Canali

p.s.  My husband says I should say that perhaps the “tip” here, if there really is one, is to plan your wedding for the couple you want to become.


Getting Great Wedding Photos, Tip #11: Make Sure Your Hairstyle Looks Good From Any Angle

12 | 01 | 2009

It turns out that looking great on camera is more sculptural than you’d think; or rather, if you want to look good on camera, think about it like making a good sculpture.  Sculptures look good from any angle.  And on your wedding day, the camera—and all your guests—will see you from lots of angles, not just the front or back.  It’s particularly important that your face not be obscured during the ceremony (unless you’re wearing a veil over your face, of course).  And I’m not saying you need to wear your hair up—I love when brides wear their hair down—just be mindful of multiple viewpoints when you do your hair test.

Below: one of my favorite hairdos ever …

hairstyle1 hairstyle2

photos: Gia Canali

hair: Angelique Stanford, 323-702-5767


Julia & Eli’s Wedding On The Way + Reimagined Florals

11 | 10 | 2009


Well, I am finally working on a blog post about Julia & Eli’s wedding.  I mean it this time!  I’m only five months behind on that (and it’s only the second wedding of the season)!  But for now, I thought some of you might like to see this lovely flower from their wedding, reimagined by {Krislyn}.  I’m not sure what it is—but it looks to me like orchid petals + pussy willow.  I wish I could grow a garden of them …

photo: Gia Canali


Notes Toward A Slow Wedding

10 | 23 | 2009

dinner 4x5

There’s so much pressure these days to fit it all in—even in the face of the so called non-traditional wedding—folks are going for every possible potentially meaningful moment and kitschy tradition (and diy detail!) they can think of.  It is like having an all-you-can-eat-buffet mentality to planning your wedding.  I say: let’s take it easy.  Do a few things well.  Make your wedding one where you can enjoy good food and the company of good friends and family. After all, that’s why you’re having a wedding with people attending.

Congratulations, Tom & Kimberly!