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San Francisco City Hall Elopement

04 | 01 | 2013

When Lisa called me about her wedding—or rather, her elopement—she didn’t just ask me to make the photographs, she asked me to be their witness. I think the act of making wedding photographs is actually an act of witnessing, so her very literal proposal to do just that was thrilling. Plus: the civic nature of the elopement, or maybe the public civic nature of their getting married was really fascinating. I loved how the on-lookers became part of the celebration of their vows and day, and there were so many other folks at the San Francisco City Courthouse doing the exact same thing we all were. Even more than that, I couldn’t have anticipated how contagious Lisa and Jared’s joy was.  Lisa has contagious laughter. I think you’ll see and I hope you enjoy their wedding and meandering SF portraits (some on 4×5 film!) just as much as I did.

photos: Gia Canali

Venue: San Francisco City Hall | Dress: BHLDN | Shoes: Cole Haan | Veil: Ornent | Necklace: J. Crew | Groom’s Suit: J. Crew | Groom’s Shirt: H&M | Tie: Ben Sherman | Floral Designer: Studio Choo | Cupcakes: Miette | Hair, Makeup: Wow Pretty


Jillian & Dax’s Romantic Handmade Everything California Mountain Elopement

05 | 27 | 2010


Seeing two of your beloved friends marry is its own particular joy, and although I might be (therefore) biased in saying so, Jillian & Dax’s super-secret informal mountain wedding celebration was just about perfect: romantic, personal, and really laid-back.  Everything was handmade. Everything. And everyone who came pitched in to make the wedding happen.  One friend made the cake, another painted the wooden cake-toppers.  One friend did Jillian’s makeup (actually, the same friend who painted the cake toppers); another did Jillian’s hair.  Of course, I took the photographs.  My husband Matt was making fruit salad until just before he started taking pictures himself. Their friend, Kelly, who married them also barbequed the meat for dinner.  Lots of folks pitched in to make dinner … and the tissue paper pom poms you can just barely see in the few reception photos.  I was “off-duty” at the reception; we just set up a photo booth and let people snap pictures of themselves which are too, too hilarious to share on this blog.

giacanali-01 giacanali-22 giacanali-60 giacanali-24 giacanali-35

Jillian made her own wedding gown, including the pattern for it.  She deconstructed a vintage dress to make the pattern for the bodice, sewed it, and then began to work on the doilies.  It took three weeks and over two miles of crochet yarn to complete the effect.  I am still marveling at all the detail.  Nobody I know can envision a wildly ambitious project and then pull it off like Jillian can.

giacanali-29 giacanali-05 giacanali-16 giacanali-03 giacanali-23



giacanali-14 giacanali-17 giacanali-32 giacanali-12 giacanali-27 giacanali-25 giacanali-13

If you look closely at those little cake-toppers, you’ll see that they’re “dressed” just as Jillian, Dax, and their daughter Phi were, right down to the tiniest details (even Dax’s ascot—Jillian made the real life version from the lining of her dress!).  After the cake-cutting, Jillian changed into a custom-made safari suit to match Dax’s. How cute is that?

giacanali-08 giacanali-11 giacanali-07

giacanali-30 giacanali-18 giacanali-19

photographs: Gia Canali; hair, Angelina Yuge, 562.686.6200 (she is actually a makeup artist!); makeup, Nicole Burg, 818.970.9582; cake topper forms, Goose Grease Undone (she also makes custom-painted ones, here); Dax and Jillian’s custom safari suits, safarisuits.biz; flowers, LA Flower Mart, arranged by the bride.  We’re thrilled and honored that Jillian & Dax’s wedding is being featured over on {100 Layer Cake} today!