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Supermodel Tips from Molly Sims for Your Wedding Photos, Part 1: The Makeup

05 | 09 | 2013

Molly Sims wedding photo by Gia Canali - Molly with her striking

Molly Sims has talked about both her wedding day (here and here) and about her wedding makeup over on her blog, and today she’s sharing her insights about getting great wedding photos with us!

Molly’s Tips on Wedding Makeup:

1. Put your makeup on an hour before photos.

Molly explains that this allows time for the makeup to mix with the natural oils of your skin, making it look, well, more natural.

2. Don’t overuse powder!

Molly has observed that brides tend to over-powder because they don’t want to be shiny (and I concur— I see both over-powdering and shininess all the time). Molly says the solution is to use less powder, but use it more often. You can have a bridesmaid or your photographer stash some in a bag for quick touch ups!

3. Get eyelash extensions.

Not only do they look nice in photos, but as Molly points out, they will save (precious!) time and hassle on your wedding day and the week of your wedding.

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photo: Gia Canali


Bride Interview: Makeup Tips from Mitra

03 | 11 | 2010

bride at the vanity

Although I don’t wear makeup or even know how to really put it on, I do notice wedding makeup.  Or, perhaps I should say that I bemoan bad wedding makeup.  I don’t think I notice good makeup at all.  My friend and former bride, Mitra, was a certified MAC makeup artist a few years ago and did a number of weddings during that time, both through MAC and on her own.  She agreed to share some tips, and I must say, as a photographer (who knows what’s flattering) and a make-up-phobe (who groans at the thought of doing it), I think these tips are really helpful.  I’m putting in my own two-cents in italics.

  1. Hire a make-up artist, or at the very least, have a make-up artist show you how to do your make-up, take her product suggestions, and practice several times before the wedding. Hiring a make-up artist is easier. Brides have enough to worry about on the wedding day!
  2. A trial run of wedding-day make-up is absolutely necessary. Take a picture of your make-up in several lighting scenarios (natural light, dark w/flash, etc.). And wear the make-up 8-10 hours. See how well it holds. All make-up will need touch-ups (powder, lips, etc.), but the bulk of wedding day make-up should wear that long.  (Gia here: Makeup that looks good and makeup that looks good on-camera aren’t necessarily the same thing. Your little test shots will tell you a lot!!)
  3. Everyone looks better with false eye lashes. There are so many ways to do them that look natural and gorgeous, and I think they should be attempted at the trial run before a bride rules them out.
  4. If fake lashes are out of the question, Diorshow Blackout (waterproof) and Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash (waterproof) are both available at Sephora, and dramatically enhance eyes to get the benefit of fake lashes.
  5. When cultivating ideas for the wedding day look, chose a celebrity or two who you resemble in face-shape and coloring, and google red carpets looks for those celebs to get ideas. Bring these pics to your trial run with the make-up artist.
  6. If the make-up artist isn’t staying for the whole event, make sure that you have the lipstick/liner/gloss she used, and powder and a little foundation for touch-ups. Make a bridesmaid responsible for keeping track of these items for you, and put her in charge of checking on your make-up every so often.
  7. Skin is really important to wedding day beauty. A make-up artist can even out skin tone, but there’s not much they can do for texture. Start thinking about this months in advance, and adjust your skin care regimen accordingly. If you’re paranoid about a huge zit cropping up days before the wedding, make an appointment with a derm the day before the wedding, if possible. Should a monstrous zit arrive, they can give you a cortisone injection that will get rid of it by the next day.  (Gia here: we’ll have more on good skin for your wedding soon-ish).

Thanks, Mitra! Any makeup tips from anyone else?  Former brides, feel free to chime in!

photo: Gia Canali