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S + J – Romantic Black Tie Garden Wedding in Bel Air

02 | 13 | 2013

We love everything about this sweet, thoughtful summer garden wedding at The Hotel Bel Air.  For a big wedding, it managed to feel intimate and quiet, which is quite a feat and a credit to this couple.  They also did a really good job of making time for each other on their wedding (not so easy as it might sound).  It’s a great take on a classically elegant wedding.  The soft palette and florals complement the colors and feel of the setting and adds a little (more!) romance to the black tie soiree.  We hope you enjoy!

~ ♥ ~

Wishing you guys so much happiness!

photos: Gia Canali

florals: Flowerwild; venue & catering: Hotel Bel Air; wedding planner: Maryam Forutan, Delicate Details; rentals: Town & Country; linens, La Tavola Linens; video: Gina Jones, Lola Video; makeup, Ronann; dj: Unite Entertainment ; click here for feature on Style Me Pretty.


The 25 Days of DOG!

12 | 04 | 2012

Some of you might remember Izzy and Dash’s holiday photos from last year.  So, while Jennifer and I work on topping that (!) and just for fun, we are doing The 25 Days of Dog over on our Facebook pages.  We’re on Day 4 right now and we keep thinking of more and more of our favorite puppies and their photos.  (Truth be told, probably most of the twelve thousand photos on my phone are of Izzy.)  Anyway, head on over for daily some festive cuteness.  Below is Stevie.  She visits the studio sometimes!

photo: Gia Canali


Golden Ranunculus

05 | 09 | 2012

Over the weekend, I found one more pack Polaroid 600 film in my film fridge.  I thought I’d used it up ages ago.  Now I have to figure out what to do with my (real) last pack!  Photos with my nephews at Disneyland is what I used the pack I thought was my last pack for.  It’s exciting, to be sure, to have one more go at it.

But I’m also extremely grateful to the folks at The Impossible Project for carrying on the instant print film torch.  One of their bewitching instant prints above.  I swear this film is like the dachshund of films, behaving only when it wants to, but charming you the whole while.  Now if they could just cook up some Polaroid 55 or 8×10 instant print film …

photo: Gia Canali