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Supermodel Tips from Molly Sims for Your Wedding Photos, Part 2: Planning Ahead

05 | 09 | 2013

Molly Sims wedding photo by Gia Canali

Molly’s Wedding Photo Tips:

1. Get one nice photograph with each bridesmaid.

Molly points out that it’s a lot to ask from your friends to be a bridesmaid. So taking a moment out of your wedding day to individually thank your girlfriends and tell them how much it means to you is really thoughtful. Then you can give each bridesmaid a print as a thank you gift after the wedding. As Molly’s photographer, I would like to note that this was such a great photo op, particularly for happy, emotion-filled candid photos. See one of these photos here.

2. Even if you don’t love posed shots (and who does?!), be realistic about needing some posed shots, too.

And the posed photos will take some time. If you don’t want to see each other before the ceremony, Molly says to be sure to get down the aisle on time! You’re only going to have about 45 minutes for photos with your family and friends and your spouse, so you need to hurry. It’s a drag to miss the cocktail hour, but the photos will last forever.

3. You’re not just limited to black and white and color photographs.

Molly notes that black and white and color is only the beginning. There are toy camera photos; different film stocks, lenses, and processing; Polaroids; digital; 4×5 film; and more. Molly and Scott, who have an incredible collection of photographs and art in their home, made time for a few Polaroid 55 portraits.

4. You want to be as comfortable as possible with your photographer.

Wedding photography is a collaboration. To that end, Molly says speak up to your photographer if you know you have a “good side.” And have your photographer photograph your rehearsal dinner. Not only is it great to have those photographs later, but it helps you, your beloved, and your bridal party and family become comfortable around your photographer.

Molly has wedding tips over on her blog, too! See posts here and here. Thanks, Molly!

photo: Gia Canali Photography


Molly Sims & Scott Stuber’s Wedding: Wedding Day, Part 2

05 | 09 | 2013

Molly Sims wedding photo by Gia Canali - Scott wore a suit by To

Molly Sims wedding photo by Gia Canali - the couple shares a quiMolly Sims wedding photo by Gia Canali - the couple shares a hap

Molly Sims wedding photo by Gia Canali - the couple shares a hapMolly Sims wedding photo by Gia Canali - close up photo of singl Molly Sims wedding photo by Gia Canali - close up photo of singl

Molly Sims wedding photo by Gia Canali - close up photo of singl Molly Sims wedding photo by Gia Canali - close up photo of singl Molly Sims wedding photo by Gia Canali - wedding dinner under th Molly Sims wedding photo by Gia Canali - some dinner guests dineMolly Sims wedding photo by Gia Canali -- the couple's first dan

Molly Sims wedding photo by Gia Canali - dessert buffet included Molly Sims wedding photo by Gia Canali - the red velvet wedding

Molly Sims wedding photo by Gia Canali - cake cutting

~ ♥ ~

Did you just love that rose-petal road?! Congrats, Molly and Scott! Thank you for sharing your photos!

photos: Gia Canali Photography

event design & production: Stefanie Cove & Yifat Oren; florals, Kimm, The Velvet Garden; venue: private winery estate in Calistoga; vintage tabletop items: Vintage Table Co; ceremony & cocktail music: Elew; DJ, Michelle Pesce; video, Bliss Productions; lighting: Got Light; bridesmaid dresses: custom-designed Elizabeth Kennedy; Molly Sims’s wedding gown: Marchesa; Scott Stuber’s attire, Tom Ford LA; bride’s hair, Davy Newkirk; bride’s makeup: Monika Prensena; invites, Mr. Boddington; day-of paper: Tiny Pine Press; bride’s jewelry: Lorraine Schwartz


San Francisco City Hall Elopement

04 | 01 | 2013

When Lisa called me about her wedding—or rather, her elopement—she didn’t just ask me to make the photographs, she asked me to be their witness. I think the act of making wedding photographs is actually an act of witnessing, so her very literal proposal to do just that was thrilling. Plus: the civic nature of the elopement, or maybe the public civic nature of their getting married was really fascinating. I loved how the on-lookers became part of the celebration of their vows and day, and there were so many other folks at the San Francisco City Courthouse doing the exact same thing we all were. Even more than that, I couldn’t have anticipated how contagious Lisa and Jared’s joy was.  Lisa has contagious laughter. I think you’ll see and I hope you enjoy their wedding and meandering SF portraits (some on 4×5 film!) just as much as I did.

photos: Gia Canali

Venue: San Francisco City Hall | Dress: BHLDN | Shoes: Cole Haan | Veil: Ornent | Necklace: J. Crew | Groom’s Suit: J. Crew | Groom’s Shirt: H&M | Tie: Ben Sherman | Floral Designer: Studio Choo | Cupcakes: Miette | Hair, Makeup: Wow Pretty


On Stacking The Deck in Your Favor

01 | 21 | 2013

When I started writing this blog, what I really wanted was to help folks get the best wedding photographs they could possibly get.  And really great wedding photographs—even documentary ones—don’t generally just happen.  So this blog has become all about stacking the deck in your favor.  A certain amount of intention goes into that.  You set the environment, the lighting, the mood, the schedule. Mostly, though, we want you to be joyous on your wedding day, because, well, you should be joyous, and because, ultimately, the photographs can only ever be as good as the memories you make.  So let’s make them (both) really good.

photo: Gia Canali


Taking Joy in Your Traditions

06 | 06 | 2012

There is something to be said for being true in honoring the traditions of your family … and having a little fun while you’re at it! (This may be the only difference between obligation and an unbridled delight).

The last photo is my favorite.

photos: Gia Canali


Gia Canali Photography :: Our New Etsy Shop is Live!

09 | 19 | 2011

Those of you who know me well know that I spend lots of time (and also lots and lots of money) on Etsy.  Given the choice, I’d probably buy just about everything from the artisans on that site.  So … with help from my wonderful assistant, Kate, we’ve opened our own etsy shop.  We have lots of new ideas and will shortly be offering some of our pretty alternative process handmade prints (and not just the ones you’ve seen floating around our site!).  But in the meantime, feel free to troll around.  We’ve got watercolor paper prints of some of our favorite travel photographs up for sale.

Our  Etsy shop can be found {here}.