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Tiny Pine Press Announces a New Line of Invites

08 | 12 | 2009

tiny-pine-party-3 tiny-pine-party-6

We ♥ Tiny Pine Press ever so much.  So we are thrilled that Tiny Pine just launched a new line of wedding invitations, Variations.  The full collection is available directly through Tiny Pine or at Urbanic Paper in Venice.  If you live in LA, it’s definitely worth a stop in at Urbanic, to see the collection for yourself.  Urbanic is a papery treasure trove in and of itself and they carry tons of stuff from some of my favorite etsy sellers, too!  Anyway, I digress.  The Variations invites are printed on recycled or tree-free papers and are offered with digital (flat) printing, but letterpress is also available—of course!  This collection is perfect for brides everywhere, or brides elsewhere, I should say, who can’t meet with Jennifer to design custom stationery.  To celebrate, there was a sweet party at Urbanic, complete with arts ‘n crafts, a dj, festive treats, and Jennifer herself.  I forgot my camera (go figure!), so you’ll have to bear with my phone photos.  There are lovely photographs of the whole collection on Jennifer’s blog.

tiny-pine-party-1 tiny-pine-party-2